Welcome to the artwork of coastal Florida wildlife artist and native Floridian, Kelly Reark ...
"Artwork Inspired by Nature."

Florida Wildlife Inspired Artwork by Nature Artist Kelly Reark

Artist Kelly Reark I began painting and drawing when I was a young girl, exploring natural Florida with my parents and brother.  We spent all of our free time immersed in nature; either in the woods or on the water.  Fishing and snorkeling were always my favorite pastimes. My love for our local marine wildlife and the values taught to me by Mother Nature and my parents continually inspire me.  My gift is to be able to bring those experiences and heartfelt love home to all of you through my collection of artwork.

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I am always working on an artistic endeavor of one sort or another.  Thank you for visiting my Gallery of Fine Art.  Please call me and we can talk about how I might help you to realize your vision.

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Thank you for visiting my fine art website. I hope you have enjoyed my collection of historical, marine, coastal, and Florida wildlife artwork. 

I hope I have made an impression on you that you will take away from my website. 

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Conservation Minded

Think about how your actions impact the world around you.  Practice catch and release.  Take only what you need.  Live each day to the fullest, and don't hold back.  Conserve energy and get outside.  There's a great big world out there that needs to be explored! 

If you are interested in learning what you can do to protect our oceans, visit the Ocean Conservancy or the International Game Fish Association sites. They are not my sponsors, but I appreciate and support their conservation efforts and practices.

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